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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Menu plan

Over the last two weeks, my body felt as though we have had too much meat.  Even though I know it's not even half of what the average American eats, I still have a low tolerance for it.  So, I will listen to my body over what is typical of someone else.  We ate some meals with leftover meat, but mostly ate very little of it.  It was good to put us back into our norm.  I will be more conscious of putting vegetarian meals into our menu planning. 

So far this week we've had omelets, potato soup, cheese pizza, and BSTs (turkey bacon, spinach instead of lettuce, & yummy garden fresh tomatoes).  For the remainder of the week, here is our plan:

Thursday:  Curried rice with leftover chicken, with roasted parsnips and carrots.

Friday:  Grilled cheese with spinach and avocado It includes pesto, which we have and we also have spinach in the garden (even though it is snowing as I type this).

Saturday:  Leftovers and a potluck later

And for next week:

Sunday:  Cheesy quinoa with baked acorn squash (with butter and brown sugar, of course).

Monday:  Gnocchi with chard and beans

Tuesday:  Dinner at the in-laws'

Wednesday:  Butternut squash and apple soup.  It seems the appropriate Halloween food, followed by trick-or-treating for the girls.

Thursday:  Roasted chicken, cheesy potatoes, and brown sugared carrots.  Because it is the Day of the Dead, we will honor my sister with one of her favorite desserts:  crème brûlée.

Friday: BBQ chicken (with the leftover chicken),  pickles (beets, cukes, beans), and baked potatoes.

Saturday:  potluck

Sunday:  Egg foo young.

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  1. Thursday, we added some beets and potatoes to the parsnips and carrots. The leftovers will go into a root veggie soup as soon as I can find a celeriac.