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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Menu plan

It was Labor Day weekend this past weekend, and Jaimie will be going back to school this week while the girls go back to day care.  We moved the swing set because a neighbor had their tree cut down, which took away the shade for them to play in.  Jaimie also power-washed it (and the picnic table), while I worked on dehydrating tomatoes & apples, harvesting all sorts of goodies, and cleaning up the house.  We also fit in some time with friends. 

Monday: Burgers.  I was trying to get away from the standard fare, but was outvoted because everyone seemed to want these.  They are good.  We had them with corn on the cob.

Tuesday: Pierogies. We didn't make them last week because we had leftovers more often than planned.  Jaimie said that these were very labor intensive, so we decided that we should get all three adults involved assembly line next time (because they were too good to not have them again).  He filled them with mashed potatoes and served them with caramelized onions and the sauerkraut we made a few weeks ago.  The sauerkraut has got to be the absolute best we have ever tasted. 

Wednesday:  Egg foo young, as my MIL has requested it.  It will include garden vegetables, of course.

Thursday: Honey sesame roasted chicken, (though we'll roast an entire chicken) along with green beans from the garden, and rice with Japanese seasonings.

Friday: Leftovers

 Saturday: We're on the road, as we're going out of town on Friday after work to visit my new nephew (my MIL will fend for herself just fine without me telling her what she'll have to eat for dinner).  

Sunday: Pasta (because it's easy to prepare when we've been on the road all weekend).

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