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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Accidentally delicious - Rum Cosmopolitan

Hi.  Jaimie here.  I was in the mood for one of my father's very dry cosmopolitans, but he can't remember the recipe.  So, I Googled "vodka martini recipe".  The first recipe I found called for 1.5 oz vodka and .75 oz of dry vermouth.  Okay, I can work with that.  I added a squirt of lime juice and just enough cranberry/apple juice to turn it pink.  Then I shook it with ice and strained it.  It was delicious, so I decided to make another (for my mother, of course).  It was then that I realized that I had used light rum instead of vodka.  Still yummy!  Here's the complete recipe:

1.5 oz light rum
.75 oz dry vermouth
squeeze or squirt of lime juice
just enough cranberry or cranberry/apple juice to make the drink turn pink

Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass if you have one.  (I don't, so I just left the ice in mine and drank it out of a highball glass.)


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